Praying Genesis Chapter 1

Thank You for creating the heavens and the Earth, for giving us light in the midst of darkness and providing us time to work and to rest.
Thank You for water, for its ability to refresh us, to cleanse us, and for the way it freezes to make unique snowflakes.
Thank you for land, to be able to walk and work on, to grow provisions from seeds, and to build homes on to shelter us.
Thank You for seasons so we do not grow weary of the same thing every day and that allows the Earth you created to replenish itself according to Your design.
Thank you for the sun, moon, and stars; thank You for the way they warm us and provide light. Thank You for all the marvelous things in space we can only imagine and perhaps one day you might reveal to us.
Thank You for all types of creatures, even the ones I don’t particularly care for. Yes, even creepy crawly things. Since the Earth and all within it give You glory, I will rejoice in the beauty of all Your creation.
Thank you for making people in Your image. Help us honor each other as fellow image bearers, to be fruitful and increase what you have given us, and to steward the earth and creatures well according to your Word.
The diversity in Your creation teaches us about You and about our sin nature. Ultimately all of creation teaches us that no one and nothing can compare to your Majesty. All You do is good and draws us into worshiping You. Help us see You and honor You in all things.
In Jesus Name, Amen.