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For whatever reasons, valid and otherwise, various countries require policies that cover nearly everything in order for you to view a website. This is my attempt to meet all these requirements.

TL;DR Version:

I’m not selling anything, so I don’t have anything to refund you. If you feel my writings are a waste of your time, please do not visit again. I’ll still like you and pray for you, but I can not refund you time.

This site collects your IP address and/or geolocation to tell me where my viewers are checking in from. This means I will know what country or even a specific region that you are in. It won’t tell me your name, email, home address, office address, or even your town. But, if you send me your name and email address via email or the contact form – guess what? – I’ll have it. If you sign up for my newsletter – you guessed it again – my newsletter provider will have it, as will I.

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