Peace – Advent Week Four

Luke 2:13-14   And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

The fourth week of Advent represents the announcing of Christ’s birth with either the angel or peace candle. 

When Christ was born He came to accomplish one main aim; to bring the offer of salvation to all. In the process He gave us a pattern to follow in discipleship and sanctification.

One thing that becomes evident is the enormous amount of chaos His presence seemed to cause. How can we say He is Peace and that we carry His peace when He brings about so much division? (Luke 12:51)

Have you ever looked out into the ocean and watched the waves gently slosh to the shore? Take that same location and place a boulder in the water. Suddenly the seemingly calm ocean is now battering the rock with violent force. Yet the rock is at peace not doing anything to provoke the ocean’s anger. I see Christ’s presence in this light. Things may seem normal as everyone goes about their business. No one notices their actual condition until something whose nature shows the contrast reveals it. You see that the peace you thought you had was a lie and that your garment only appeared to be white because those around you were wearing a darker color.

This is the beauty of the Peace of Christ. It brings harmony to your life even when the waters mash against the rocks. It brings eternal peace. It is a gift of kindness that leads us to thrive even as we suffer in this life and receive our reward in eternity.

Reflect on: The time in your life God gave you His peace during a trial. 

Search: For people in the Bible who held onto God’s peace through their trials.

Pray: Thank God for all the ways He has given you His peace and fit His gift of salvation. Pray for others to know Him and accept His gift.