Do The Laundry

“Do the laundry.”

Trisha shewed the thought away as if it were a pesky mosquito, she slid into her shoes, the ones with the super jelly cushion meant for long days on concrete floors. It was the first Friday of the month and everyone knew the best grocery store sales and coupon combo day was today. If she didn’t get there by 8am, she might as well forget getting the next month’s supply of toilet paper for her family of 8 at a steal of a price.

“Where are my keys! I’m already running late.” With frantic agility, she leaped over the Lego castle her son had built the night before, found the half-full sippy cup that had been missing since last week, and skimmed the table causing the volcano science project at the table to shake.

“Do the laundry.”

“I should start the laundry. Maybe I can just start one load before I leave. No, I’ll never get the sale prices if I’m late. Besides, it’s just laundry, it’s not as if God is prompting me to do ministry work.”

She found her keys and headed out. Hours later, beaming over her stash as if it was Solomon’s treasure, she arrived home. She had a month’s worth of meat, toiletries, and staples for her entire household for $300. She even bought supplies for her church’s food pantry.

As she unpacked the last bag, the power went out and it would take days to repair.

For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.  
2Peter 1:17

Depending on the version of Bible you read it describes God as Excellent or Majestic Glory.

Think about that for a minute. Majestic Glory. The little girl in me imagines the angelic hum and a bright white light with radiant beams filled with sparkling twinkles. Or perhaps you imagine a Hollywood billboard. While we often want the in-you-face miraculous voice, it is usually a subtle nudge, gentle but confident. He leads us through His Word and in the ordinary of the day. But if we aren’t like the Bereans, studying the Word to know Him and His character, we can and will be led astray.

Do we always acknowledge God and His Word with awe? Do we consider certain things He says or shows us as more important or worthy of our attention and time than others? When was the last time you opened the Bible to see if what you thought God was showing you lined up with His Word?

Consider the words ‘Majestic’ and ‘Excellent’. A few meanings are awe-inspiring, solemn, glorious, and extremely good.

In what ways can we make sure we regard all of God’s Word with holiness and reverence? What are you doing to guard your heart and mind against those who wish to give you ‘new revelations from God’, words which oppose His never changing and infallible Word? How are you getting to know your Shepherd’s voice?
What practical steps will you take starting today to hold every one of God’s Words as Majestic and Excellent? (HINT: Read the Bible)