All Things New

The new year seems to bring about change. Cleaning out the old, making way for the new by organizing and prioritizing. I think we do this because we see our potential. We hope in something more for ourselves; we see a different future we want to fight for. And if you are a Christian, you know with Christ the fight is never in vain as we grow in His will for us. Maybe you know the popular children’s story of a caterpillar that ate and ate until it was full and then spun a chrysalis around himself only to emerge a beautiful butterfly? It is a fantastical albeit romanticized illustration of what happens to the tiny caterpillar. The actual process is violent, taken in faith, and worth the payoff.

Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2Corinthians 5:17

God created this little creature for more than just consuming all the milkweed he could find. He woke up every day and before he takes the first outward movement; he makes an inward movement. His gut moves before his tiny bone-less legs take a step. It requires serious muscle movement that creates a wavelike or undulating effect. Then he feeds himself day in and day out until the time comes to reveal his chrysalis – the cocoon-like exoskeleton or skin of the caterpillar/butterfly. He spins a silk thread to hang from and then molts (splits his skin and sheds it), revealing his chrysalis. He then releases enzymes that dissolve and digests his inner body of everything except for the cells that are to make up his new butterfly self. These cells feed off the dissolved old self to make the new creation. These creatures are extremely vulnerable during the transition but have protection. They have found many varieties of chrysalis to hum to ward away danger.

I see so much of our process of coming to Christ in this caterpillar’s journey to transform. From needing to make the inward decision to seek truth, to being willing to make yourself vulnerable and exposing your inner self before God, (hint – He already sees it all), and allowing Him to take away all you were and create something beautiful out of it. Then, even in our most vulnerable state, He gives us the gift of worship that makes enemies think twice before attacking. 

What are some similarities you see? What are some ways you make an inward movement either in coming to Christ or in your daily walk as you transform old habits and behaviors into new holy behaviors? Besides worship, what other practices help you rest in God’s protection and fill you with His strength?

With the new year here, what are some practices you want to create or stick to? I have made it a habit to study a different name or attribute of God every week. Doing this helps you learn more about Who God is, and when you know Who God is, you know Who you are trusting and that He is trust worthy. This concept can transform your life no matter if you are a seasoned Christian or someone just beginning to seek Him out. I invite you to join me here as I share some of what I am studying here on this blog each week.